Worth trying : Rose deep hydration face cream by Fresh



deep hydration face cream

by fresh

Finally ! I’m finally trying a product from the Fresh range! I’ve been wanting to try these products for so long now. So when I ran out of my beloved Solution 10 by Chanel I immediately ordered something from Fresh. I chose the Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream. As I’m getting older I can definitely feel that now my combination skin is more dehydrated and drier than before. So I wanted something super hydrating, nourishing and suitable for sensitive skin.

I must say that I’m really glad I chose this one. It ticks all the boxes!

What I’m the most impressed with, is how souple and soft it makes my skin. When I apply it at night I wake up in the morning with really bouncy skin.

Even if it is nourishing and hydrating, the texture is not greasy at all and it doesn’t make my skin oilier during the day. As you apply it, you can feel this cream creates a kind of protective barrier on the skin. Hard to explain, it makes it very comfortable to wear.

The only thing I don’t really like about it is the smell. I’m completely in love with everything with roses, but this cream smells like a very “fresh and green” rose. It’s not something I have a problem with, I mean the smell is okay … but you won’t find me sniffing this cream before applying.



I highly recommend you try it ! It’s a little gem for me!

It gives me the desire to try more and more from Fresh. If you have any Fresh products to recommend me, let me know by commenting this post.

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