Our favorite spots in Rome

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Back in August, my love and I went to Rome for a week. I had the chance to celebrate my birthday there and I enjoyed every minute of every day. I felt like home.

We both literally fell in love with Rome. I’ve never seen such an instagramable city. It’s a shame that at this time I only had my so old phone. Grrr, it means that I have to go back, ahah!

Rome is like an open sky museum, every 100 meters there’s something old and beautiful to look at. If you go there, walk as much as you can to see as many places as possible.

For me, more than Paris, Rome is the most romantic place to go.

Ok, so this is not a Rome travel guide, it’s just a few recommendations of things we love. If you want a really big travel guide with every details, tell me and I’ll do it ­čÖé



We booked a cute little hotel, The Corner Townhouse. Located in Circo Massimo, it’s only 3 minutes by walk to the nearest metro station and 10 minutes away from the Colosseo.

It’s comfortable and super well designed. Our room was really cute, and there was a marble bathroom, do I need to say more?

The only downside was the breakfast, don’t get it there. It’s absolutely rubbish!


Italian food is my favorite of all so let me tell you that I was in heaven! But it was so hot during the day that we were not even hungry. I haven’t been able to try a tiramisu! One more reason to go back.

We went to the restaurant every lunch and dinner, but we walked so much that we actually lost weight! Ahah! Here are the places we loved:

  • Baccano: A few meters away from the lively Trevi Fountain, we found this restaurant the first night. I had carbonara spaghetti, and we came back another night. It was so good, a little bit chic. Both nights we ate at the little tables in the street, it was lovely.
  • Rome’s central market: Mamamia! This place is insane. You HAVE TO go there. It’s a kind of market with little “restaurants”, you buy your food and then you find a table to eat. Philip had an amazing pizza, then we had little balls with rice, ricotta, and spinach. We literally wanted to try everything. It’s lively, the atmosphere is warm an casual.
  • That’s Amore: Come early! Or register yourself on the waiting list because the queue is never-ending. It’s just a really good Italian┬árestaurant. I had delicious amatriciana pasta and a nice Spritz. Philip had a pizza, he had about 10 pizza during the week, ahah. I wish I had tried one of their desserts, but I was full up.
  • Ginger: It’s the healthy spot of Rome, the place is beautiful, here again, there’s a waiting list. The food was okay, but I wouldn’t recommend. I recommend it to you for their juices. Their juices are really nice and it makes a refreshing break during the afternoon.
  • Il Gelato di San Crispino: To be honest we had great gelato everywhere, but these ones were the best. My favorite was the prune sorbet and the peach ice cream. I wish we were this good at making ice creams in France.
  • Sushi e Noodles: For my birthday we went to a Japanese┬ánext to our hotel. It was good, so good. Every dishes were delicious and it wasn’t super pricey.

We had nice meals in many other places, but these ones are our favorites by far.



  • See the Colosseo both during day and night. My favorite moment was at night, it’s not as crowded, and it is just very romantic. The whole city is, but it was warm, we walked around it and then went to the ruins, we were alone in the street and I will keep this moment in mind forever. It was just us, and the city.
  • The Tr├ęvi fountain at night…again. Because it’s breathtaking and because it is super lively. I loved the atmosphere here.
  • The Villa Borghese. If you love art, painting, you shouldn’t miss it. But I was disappointed with the gardens…
  • You know what, my best recommendation is to walk. Walk until your legs are dead, and just keep walking, you will discover so much from this city. This is the best way to discover it. I could list all the things we’ve done, but that would be boring I think. If you need more recommendations write in the comments bar below and I will reply.

Have you been to Rome? If you have, what're your favorite places to go?