5 easy steps to be healthier


For the last 4 years, I’ve been gaining weight without being able to say why. I was ashamed not being able to control my weight, I felt miserable and guilty. I put so much weight on that in 2017 I was 30kg heavier than in 2013! I was always out of breath, tired, I had headaches very often and I was just not feeling like myself.  But last year, in April, I decided to see a doctor specialized in micronutrition and it completely changed my life.

After a blood test, my doctor told me that I was suffering from insulin resistance. I’m not going to dig deeper into that in this post. It’s not the purpose. But basically you gain weight and it’s really difficult to lose it. Finally, I had my answer, I knew why I was putting so much weight on and I have never felt guilty anymore.

She gave me tons of supplements and healthy rules to live by. The weirdest one is that I need a gap of 15 hours between the last meal in the evening and the first one in the morning. All of that has worked because I’ve already lost 15kg without dieting.

Since then I’ve lived a pretty healthy and balanced life, and let me tell you that I’ll never go back!

Don’t get me wrong, I  still indulge, I’ll never say no to a Mcdonald’s with my friends. But I’m just more conscious about what I eat on a day to day basis.

If this kind of post represents any interest for you I’ll talk about my path more often.

So here a few steps, a few changes, that I’ve helped me.

1. Micronutrition

Ok, so micronutrition is basically a “diet”, a lifestyle, based on micronutrients. The aim of this is the well-being, not to lose weight. But as you start to eat better, eat what your body needs and take supplements to fill the lack of this or that in your body you automatically lose weight if you are overweighted, gain weight if you need to. You feel energized, stronger. My skin has completely cleared up! I tried antibiotics for my acne, nothing has worked. But with this lifestyle, it is amazing. I basically eat a lot of healthy fats, vegetables, grains, and good protein, organic or local. I don’t really eat dairy but if I want some, I’ll eat some. I prefer cheese goat, it doesn’t make me break out. I almost never eat processed food, I make everything with my little hands.

Try to buy good quality products. There’s no point buying strawberries from the other side of the world in January. No taste, no vitamins, it’s not worth it. Try to go along with the season.

Since I’ve been practicing micronutrition I never took this much supplements. But careful with supplements, always ask a professional – boring I know, but true. I did a huge blood test to know what my body needed. She gave me the supplements regarding the results, not before.

Since then I’ve never felt better, I love my body and take care of it.

2. Drink

Boring! I know! You’ve heard it about a million times, it’s like remove your makeup at night. But this is so true. Days when I don’t drink enough I have headaches and I feel crap. I mainly drink water but I like drinking rosemary infusion to detox my liver. A healthy liver means great skin! Oui Madame! I’m also addicted to Pukka herbal tea, they taste nice and they have the cutest packaging. Yes, I’m superficial like that.

3. Find a sport that you love

I’ve always been sporty, when I was very young I use to ride horses, then I played rugby for 5 years and stopped when I moved to Toulouse for my studies. From 18 to 25 I’ve walked, ran, went to pilates, the gym, but I’ve never found something that I really loved. But in October 2016 my boyfriend and I started playing badminton and it became a passion. We love it, we are so happy to go there two times a week, it’s so good for mind and body. Badminton is a high-intensity sport so when you play for 2h, two times, or three times a week, it’s a great workout. Plus we met some really amazing people there 🙂

This is what I like, but you might like dancing class, football, swimming, dare to try. It’s a trial and error process but once you find something you really like, you never HAVE TO workout again.

4. Snacks

I don’t snack during the day, my meals are quite filling so I generally don’t feel the need to eat in the afternoon. But sometimes, it happens and when it happens I must be prepared, otherwise, I will just eat a whole pack of my boyfriends chocolate biscuits.

What you’ll find in my cupboard: nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnut, etc…), fruits (I love apples), dark chocolate, coconut yogurt, homemade hummus with carrot sticks. If I’m not home I will bring with me a Nakd bar or a grain bar from the shop.

When I’m prepared, I know I will resist temptation, because sometimes all I want is to eat a very sugary cookie. I do, sometimes, but I try to avoid it due to my insulin resistance. I have to be very careful with sugars.

Whenever I snack, I like to sip a little cup of tea 🙂 It’s a very comforting moment.


5. Indulge

Yes! You have to sometimes.

My dad’s wife, she is super careful with her diet, she hasn’t had gluten for the last 15 years, dairy either. She only eats organic, absolutely everything is. From the outside you could think that she is extreme, but she is not. She just doesn’t miss anything with gluten, anything processed. Plus she is one of the best cooks I know. She is just very happy living like this and she feels amazing.

But I’m not like her, I know I would miss my cheeseburger, my full of gluten pasta, the patisseries etc… If you don’t miss it that’s alright, but if you do you shouldn’t be frustrated. So from time to time, I break the rules. It’s all about balance, about what you want and what makes you happy.

I’d love to hear more from you, tell me about your experience with food, nutrition. How do you keep healthy? Do you struggle? Bisous 🙂