...but let's be honest, you'll get more than 5!

I remember it like if it was yesterday. I was 18, I was studying economics in Toulouse – South West of France – and Vanessa Paradis was singing on the TV « What a day for a daydream » for the first Rouge Coco campaign – this ad is so beautiful.
I went to a Chanel counter, I was shy, and I was so ready to spend my money on a Chanel lipstick. After a few try, I choose « Organdi Rose », I still have it and I wish this color wasn’t discontinued.

Since then my collection has grown so much, I’ve never really counted but I think that I have about 40 Chanel lipsticks – I’m mad, je sais!

So even if I own more Chanel lipsticks than the number of days in one month, there are just a few ones that I reach regularly.

(But it was very difficult to just pick 5) ! 


140 - L'Amoureux

I’m not a fan of liquid lipsticks,  I find them drying and not flattering on my “wrinkly lips”, but these ones from Chanel are the exception. They are really comfortable to wear, they last really well (not as long as the other liquid lipsticks). This one is cute and pretty, the color is right in between a pink and a peach making it suitable for most people. It makes the whole look fresher and sweet. I apply it straight from the « brush « and layer it to make it last.


98 - Coromandel

I love the semi-matte and long-wearing formulation of this range, I really recommend them if you want something that lasts all day (with a lip liner underneath) without drying the lips.
Coromandel is my favorite red, this is my second tube! It has a hint of orange which I think makes my eyes pop more and it compliments every skin tones.

This red is a must have!

best of chanel lipsticks


154 - Expérimentée

This is the one I’ve been wearing almost everyday this last couple of months. This is a dark burgundy, very deep. I prefer applying it with my fingers to make it a bit more subtle and to make a stain. This way it looks more effortless and it lasts – not all day, but almost.

I really encourage you to swatch the shades from this range in store, Chanel has done a really great job. I own 2 but I definitely want more!


434 - Mademoiselle

This range is really hydrating, lipsticks are creamy and luminous although you have to reapply during the day, which is absolutely fine for me when I wear a hydrating formulation.
The shade Mademoiselle is such an iconic shade, if you are in the hunt for a stronger nude, this lipstick is for you! It’s not too brown, not too pink, it is so beautiful.

violette and harper


54 - Boy

Can you believe this is actually my third tube of it? That never happened to me!

The reason I use it so much is that it’s always in my handbag as I use it as a lip balm. The formulation is light and balmy, but don’t expect super lasting powers with this, it’s not the purpose. To me, this is the chicest version of a tinted lip balm. However, you have to know that there are two types of Rouge Coco Shine: the ones with the white Chanel logo on the testers in stores (lightly pigmented) and the ones with the black logo (more pigmented).

Ok, so Boy is one of my go-to colors, it seats right between pink and beige. I’ve used it on so many brides, it is the classic « your lips but better ». The creamy texture makes it so comfortable to wear.

Which one is your favorite?

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