20 super random facts about me


As Violette & Harper is a baby blog, I thought that it would be fun to share with you 20 random facts about me so you get to know me better. And you know what would be great? That YOU share random facts about you in the comments below.

1 – I used to be blonde, super blonde, like a Swedish girl. At the airport, every time an air controller check my passport, they’re like WTF, is that you? Yep mate!

2 – Give me dark chocolate and I’ll sneeze like crazy after about 3 seconds. Yes, it’s very precise.

3 – If there is one thing I can’t stand in my everyday life; it’s people talking at the cinema. It gets on my nerves instantly.

4 – I grew up with more animals than you could possibly imagine, we had about 10 dogs, 4 horses, cats, many many cats, chicken and bloody gooses, etc…

5 – I am 14 years older than my little sister.

6 – I played rugby for 5 years and I loved it so much.

7 – My boyfriend, Philip, is English and we’ve been together for almost 9 years.

8 – When I was a kid, I mostly grew up with my two little cousins, Paul and Benoit. I was the oldest and I was very bossy. I would very often cover them with makeup and glitters. And they’d better like their makeover.

9 – My family history is very confusing. Each time my sister and I tried to explain who was who and blablabla people got lost after 20 seconds. We loved it and actually made fun of it.

10 – My older sister used to prepare potions in the garden with flowers and herbs. Of course, I was the one who had to drink them. I think she has a great talent because they were actually quite sweet. Anyway, thank god it never killed me!

11 – The same sister – she’s nice and I love her and I’ve been quite a nightmare for her as a kid, I broke her favorite toys –  when we were 8 and 10, she would ask me to grab the electric fence with my hands to see what it was like to get shocked. Let me tell you that I never got shocked, I was bloody lucky and stupid

12 – As a kid, I didn’t know who the Spice Girls were. I really didn’t and I couldn’t care less. I was all about Atomic Kittens and Britney, of course.

13 – My favorite drinks are Pim’s, champagne and apple cider. I could have it all day, every day. But I don’t.

14 – I have lived in England and in Canada for my studies.

15 – My biggest dream is to open a little boutique. I still can decide whether it would be a beauty shop or if I would be selling stationary, candles, etc…

16 – I’ve worked at Sephora for 3 years and I was known as the Chanel Expert. I knew every single name of every single product.

17 – I can’t eat quinoa. Like, I love it, but my body doesn’t. One day I almost went to the hospital because it made my tummy hurt like hell.

18 – I don’t really like partying and going to bed after midnight. I’m such a grandma, I know. But the thing is that I wake up quite early naturally. That’s because of my mum, as a teenager, she wouldn’t let me sleep after 9 am. So annoying. Mum, you ruined my social life. Ahah kidding.

19 – I got my driving license within 2 months. I’m so good and clever. Kidding, again.

20 – I got my first mobile phone when I was 8, it looked like a fridge and the battery would last no longer than 30 minutes, no joke.

Et voilà! I’m sure you feel like you’ve learned something big and relevant reading this post today. Ahah! Please do the same, leave a comment and tell me a bit about you.